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The Move - PHX to PDX - December 2002

The Intel forces attracted us to Portland... Take a look here to see how we're making out...

We packed up the house we loved and said goodbye to the friends and family we loved and departed for the Pacific Northwest...


You can see newer updates here: Month 2, ...

Most visited brewpub so far: McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse (a.k.a. RH1 extension of the Intel Hillsboro Campus) One thing for sure -- Portland is the place for microbrews. 

Contact info:
David & Lisa Pivin
19995 NW Wallowa Pl.
Portland, OR  97229
or just e-mail: or

Month 1 - Leaving PHX and just getting settled in Portland...

Saying goodbye to the Warpaint house.
Just as we were leaving a gorgeous rainbow peeked over the hills near the local church. A sign?
Cassie's packed up, but not quite mentally ready for what's to come.
Ok, now she's ready!
Sara and Phoebe getting adjusted to their car carrier situation.
The motorized covered wagon is ready to roll.
On the road near LA.
First night in motel with the crew. Can you spot all the animals? Hint: look under the bed.
Getting close to the Oregon line.
We made it to Portland, but our natural gas heat wasn't on in the rental. So we stayed a couple nights in a Hotel. The pets and humans are getting used to 'the road'.
Phoebe is thirsty or sick. Not sure.
Scorp made the trip ok, but the cage was a little tilted in the car. Oops.
The pets are tired after the trip -- taking a siesta.

Got the heat and other utilities connected and we're in. The rental property on Wallowa from the outside front and back. 5 min. from Intel and 20 min to downtown PDX.
The movers came and brought our stuff. Living Room.

Cassies new hobby -- stalking squirrels. They're everywhere in the yard. The second Cassie gets out in the yard, they head for the trees and she just waits for them to come to her. Do you think they notice her in the 'stalking position'?
Portland is a fun town. Lots of things to do. Here's the Saturday Market under the Burnside Bridge at the Max (light rail) Skidmore Fountain stop. Many X-Mas buys to be found here.
Stuff in the living room and a fire to keep us warm. Starting to get a little cozy.
Lisa, Sara, Phoebe, and Cassie rest after a hard day of shopping and avoiding the rain drops.

Send us your requests for more images... we'll start taking more pictures of the area, what we find interesting, and what's going on day-to-day...