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The Move - PHX to PDX - January-February 2003

Month 2 - Recovering from the Holidays and getting settled...

We didn't have our camera with us for the fun riding and other stuff we did the last couple weeks. I'll try to be more diligent!

Typical Portland bike carnage after a relatively 'dry' ride. Lisa's got dirty too. Note fenders.

Cassie paws Lisa

Isn't Cassie cute?

Cassie and Phoebe get along better now

Forest Park Winter Riding

Rather than antiquing in Sellwood, we shopped at Columbia
and downtown.

Lisa and Shannon walking w/ coffee

Convention center in distance and the Willamette

Hawthorne bridge along the waterfront

Bridges past Hawthorne


Patriot square -- the center of Portland -- look for the 'i'
oh, that's Lucian in the foreground

No Portland landmark is complete without a Starbucks.

Patriot Max stop.

Umbrella man

The NW hills from waterfront park


Send us your requests for more images... we'll start taking more pictures of the area, what we find interesting, and what's going on day-to-day...