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The Move - PHX to PDX - February 2003

Month 3 - Finding a new house and exploring a bit

Some of these pictures can be found at Ofoto for prints or slideshow.

The Cassie pic-of-the-month
What to do on a rainy evening in Portland? ... World Conquest!

I was thinking of how to keep up with squash -- a rainy day pastime -- and checked out the Hawthorne Farms Athletic Club in Hillsboro. Turns out they have 5 regulation squash courts (and no racquetball)! ASU only had one (converted) court. We joined!


HFAC also has a climbing wall...

Lisa's staying in shape!

I'm getting 'into the T'.

A classic squash shot from the overhead viewing area.

Things are starting to bloom!

Cool bridge.

The NW 23rd area -- we took the Saltas here for lunch and then off to the Japanese Gardens.

Saltas outside the area's best deli - Kornblatts

The view from the Japanese Garden is one of the best in Portland.

Brian is praying that we get him to the airport on time.


Send us your requests for more images... we'll start taking more pictures of the area, what we find interesting, and what's going on day-to-day...