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S. Kaibab - Tonto - Bright Angel Day Hike


Participants: Dave Pivin and Cliff Anderson

Click the images for larger views! (these were taken by Cliff with a digital camera and edited slightly by me; more to come when mine are developed)

A lone Cottonwood along the Tonto between S. Kaibab and Bright Angel

I tried to recruit a group to join me for a day hike in the canyon. Who wouldn't want to join me? Practically everyone I asked. Seems like everyone has something more important going on. What could be more important? Knitting a sweater? Pulling weeds? Deep-conditioning your hair? At the last minute, Cliff Anderson decided to come along. You can always count on Cliff to join you for an adventure.

Cliff Anderson at Cedar Ridge holding his hat so it doesn't blow down below the Redwall.

This day hike is becoming pretty popular; but not too popular to take all the enjoyment out of it. It's 13 mi. and it took us 6 hrs., including a liberal lunch stop at Indian Garden. The highlight had to be the stretch of Tonto where we encountered very few people. This section offers 360 degree views from the Tonto Platform, including sightings of Phantom Ranch and the River. The weather was windy (gusting to 40 mph) and in the 40's when we started. At Indian Garden, it was only mildly windy and in the 70's. So we started the hike with gloves and wool hats and finished in shorts and t-shirts. There was snow on the trail near the top -- from the storm over the last weekend.

Switchbacks on the S. Kaibab Trail allow easy passage below the redwall.

(L) From the Tonto just west of the Tipoff, you can see Phantom Ranch and the North Rim's Grand Canyon Lodge (if you have binoculars). (R) Zoroaster Temple from a unique perspective along the Tonto (and a few people that we saw along the way).

Typical Tonto trail meander and traverse.

Garden Creek and Plateau Point / Tonto Trail come into view as we approach Indian Garden.

Where the Tonto-East and Bright Angel meet, just north of Indian Garden.

Another satisfied customer!