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March - June 2003

Starting to see the sun (either in PDX or PHX). Dals wedding (seen elsewhere). Trip to PHX for anniversary. Dog Stuff. PGE Park. The usual.

Plus a try at video using our canon camera (limited to 30s clips):

Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3

The Geraldine House
Cassie Pic of the Month

Indoor Dog Park

Backyard Cassie Play
Belmont Triple Crown Bid
Lisa's a big fan

You're my butterfly ...
A friend in PDX calls Saguaros Sahj-waros
Here's Lisa in PHX at the Botanical Gardens

Our first trip to the OR coast
A memorial to Lewis and Clark's first trip to the OR coast

Peanut shell game is one of my favorite things about baseball
Beavers v. Tucson
Us with Madeline Pennell at 1 day old.

Ron Bellis protecting himself from harmful brain monitoring