The Pivin's



Agnes and Serge Host
Beaujolais Nouveau 2002

Every year our dear French friends, Serge and Agnes express pride in their heritage by throwing a Beaujolais Nouveau wine tasting party. If you're interested in the history and definition of this event, look here or here. It's not to be missed. Throw in some Americans and what do you get?

The Beaujolais Tasting Balloon Clown Party!!!


Agnes (one of the hosts) going flamenco on us. So charming.
Typical party stuff. Nice.
More typical party stuff.
Jon and Scott talk about Cabo and taste the beer from the Beaujolais 8th Street Keg.
Ladies enjoying wine.
More ladies enjoying wine.
Jenny likes wine.
Ok. We're done tasting the wine.
Martin never goes anywhere without his bag of balloons. He is a mobile party unit.
Lisa cast the first stone.
Soon thereafter, everyone wanted their own party favor.
Happy customers.
Jon and Neil can't believe the nonsense.
I need to sit down.
What is that?
Serge (Host 2) with Mike. I think this is my favorite balloon construction.
Typical mike photo face.
High-quality Mike photo face.
Anyone else want to taste some wine?
Make me an angel.
Agnes (the host) kicks us out after yet another fine Beaujolais Nouveau adventure. THANKS Drogis!!!

What would you expect after 30 bottles of wine?