The Pivin's



Sept. 2003 - pre-Emma

Pennells visited from PHX (including Maddy); Martin visited from PHX and we went to Mt. St. Helens....

Ron/Bon Bellis Home in Camas, WA

Mike - and Bellises in background

Angel and Lisa at Sat. Market

Welder Man paraphernalia

Madeline! She's so cute.

Ran into the Connachers in Portland at Sat. Market and Greek Cusina

Concrete Mache Car - Crazy Man inside

St. Helens Blast Zone

Trashed car - victim; Owner and wife were killed in their cabin nearby

Martin at the edge of the 'singe' zone. Trees here were singed, but not knocked down. Martin's eyebrows would have been removed if he were standing here during the blast.

Logs in Spirit Lake opposite the crater

The crater from Windy Ridge

Cool driving on the road to Windy Ridge