The Pivin's



July 2003 - Fireworks and Skunkworks

Oregon is a bit more liberal than AZ... and it shows with all the fireworks for sale. Oregon is also very beautiful during the summer -- threw that in there for all those back in PHX suffering through it. By the way, Cassie has discovered the little striped creature known as SKUNK. They didn't get along. She's an outside dog until further notice. Enjoy the pics! Lisa and Dave

Fireworks over our neighborhood. Looks like a $20 model.

Our neighbors could have staged a coup on the HIllsboro city hall with their ammo.

Notice that we took many pictures of the NEIGHBOR'S fireworks. We only spent $20 at the corner stand. We are >30 yrs. old you know.


Pool table and lamp installed. Check.

Sexy wine colored felt.

Lisa's championship pool trophy sits near the table to impress our guests.

SKUNK KIT. Ok, so tomato juice is more or less a myth now, but it completed the picture well.

Skunk wash day 1. Trashy clothes on. Very stinky.

Skunk wash day 2. A little less stinky, but still not coming in the house for a while. Cassie's being a good sport. After the baths, she darts around the lawn and then skids herself into the grass on her side. Cool.

Emma's armada of strollers. These are two of the many conveyances that she'll be traveling in shortly.

The BOB sport utility stroller (SUS). Every family with a SUV should have one. These things are like mountain bikes - Sweeeet.