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Post-Op Exercises - 9 weeks+

This is a list of exercises (more a script really) that I put together for myself based on two physical therapists and some reading.

The list

Order Amount Notes Photo
Bike 1 5-10min Start with this to warm up if you can - if not, then do some walking in place etc. I use recumbent for now.  
Stair/Ellliptical 2 10min    
Leg Press 3 3x20 Use the rack that you 'lay' on - inclined. Concentrate on light weight and keeping your back on the board. If you have flexion problems, your back will try to lift  
Chest 4 3x15    
Kneeling (also with one leg behind) 5 2x30s I find it easier in this position to stretch my hip flexion. I do this with both legs under me or one behind me (as in hurdle position (sort of). I try to get out of this position in a lunge with op. leg in front.  
Extenstions on one knee w/ circles 6 2x20 Try to raise your straight leg behind you and rotate in circles - while on opposite knee and hands.   
Abduction w/ Circles 7 2x20 Laying on side - raise top leg - can also use theraband. This is very weak for me. I alternate the position of my leg in front, side, in back of other leg as I go.   
Leg Raise 8 2x20 Laying on back - raise one leg. Still a bit weak on this one!  
Butterfly 9 3x30s Laying down, flex knees and then spread legs (abduct) - stretch groin area.   
Roll w/ Knees Flexed 9 10 ea. Side 5s. Laying down, flex knees together and roll side to side. Hold at the side for 3-5seconds. Keep your back flat.  
Pull knee to chest (op should / non-op) 9 3x30s    
Stork Stretch on Stairs 10 3x30s Place your back foot on a chair or stair behind you. Then move away from the stair or chair and work the extension of your hip behind you.   
Ham Stretch on Stairs 11 3x30s Place your heal on the stair or chair and lean down to stretch hamstring. You can alternate touching your toe with each arm to work a bit more twisting/dyamics into the stretch.   
Ham Stretch touch toes 12 3x30s Lean over and touch your toes!  
Step-ups 13 3x20 My favorite - after all the stretches - sometimes do this multiple times per day. This is also called a march. Place operated foot on the step and move opposite foot up and down. Don't put too much weight on the 'moving' foot, just concentrate on using the op-side leg to raise you up and lower you. Try putting more weight on the heel vs. ball of foot.   
Stairs 14 3 flights Concentrate on mimicking everything about your non-op steps up and down.  
Lateral Step-ups 15 3x20 Similar to front step-ups - but you're stradling the step. Op side stays on step. Again, don't put too much weight on the 'stepping foot'.   
One Leg 16 3x30s Stand on one leg - try to mimic the same balance position as non-op side. Try to move your floating leg around from side to side to work different balance points.   
Squats w/ Chair 17 3x15 Try not to use as much quad in this. Imagine sitting in a chair and getting up from one. Put a chair back there if you want. Try to keep weight on heels. This works glutes more - and post-hip people need that.  
Knee Raises 18 3x15 March in place and raise your knee as high as you can.  
Lunge with Hip Rotation 19 3x20 Same as lunge only add a rotation step at the end.  
Lateral Lunge w/ Waist Twist 20 3x20 Lunge to the side and twist to that side - like your throwing a tray to that side.   
Theraband Side Lunges 21 3 paces Put a 10-12 in. diameter theraband (yellow, red, green - increasing intensity) around your ankles. Then lunge sideways down the hall. Don't bring your legs together - only halfway. Don't turn around - stay facing same direction going out as you come back. Go about 20-30 ft. and come back.   
Stool Touches in lunge pos. 21 3x20 In the lunge position, reach in front and to the side with each hand alternating. Twisting at the hips.  
Lunges 22 2x15 each side Standard lunge - maybe use your cane if you're still too weak. Work twisting into the end of the lunge to work the rotators a bit more.  
Reach to tie shoes sitting 23 3x30s -     
Lateral Hip bump 24 3x15 Stand with your side 6in. From wall. Lean your hips over to touch the wall. Keep little/no weight on the foot furthest from the wall - and slghtly behind you. Don't bend your knee too much. This is great for the And other things that they probably had to get through to dislocate your hip!  
Walk/Hike After >30min >1.5mi Concentrate on straight back; heel-toe-heel-toe. I also try to concentrate on letting my knee extend on the end of a stride. I find that walking right after the step-ups and rotator exercises gives me the best gait.   
Swimming After >30min Use kickboard and a float for between your legs if they get tired. This is mainly for upper body and cardio.  
Standing Abduction (band) with Circ.        
Quad ext.        
Toe Raises   2x20    
Sitting Reach for Shoes   2x20    
Therapy Ball ext. and curl (band/ball)   2x20    
Backbend w/ roll        
Posterior Hip Bump   3x15 Stand with your back 6in. From a wall. Push your butt back to touch the wall and then come back and try to force your hips in front of you standing very straight. Try not to bend your knees too much.  
Posterior one-leg Reach   3x20    
Planks   3x30s From floor 'stand' on your toes and elbows. Keep as straight as possible.