The Pivin's



Emma - 8/31/04 - Almost 1 Year Old! Can't believe it.

She's growing up fast! So much fun these days - a true toddler now. You've got to meet Emma.

Video - Drummer Girl

Video - Cheese Emma!

Video - Walking and Tripping

Video - Hide and Seek

Reading with Bird


I can open cabinets

Tired yawn

4 Generations of Ladies

Almost 1 year old bath shot

Cutey in the grass


Touch the dead deer

Drummer girl

Finding her seat

Emma meets her first horse

Corners are dangerous but very interesting

   Emma and Yousef get their pictures taken together

Emma is getting attached to Shamu and Simba

Typical garage sale bargains (50 cent each)

   Emma and Great Grandma

Watching the hummingbirds

Emma, Melanie and their Big Birds


Emma wanted to be safe on the plane; however, this card didn't say anything about what to do in the unlikely event of a complete little girl meltdown in mid-air. We were caught unprepared - using our cushions as flotation devices didn't help.

Cutey with hair clip

Sleeping with pals

Camping in the living room - gift from Dave/Cindy - Thanks!

Wind chime fun