The Pivin's



Emma - 8/7/04 - Closing in on 11 Months - WALKING

Even harder to capture Emma without video now. SHE'S WALKING. Serious safety/security measures in place now. Wests visited from San Diego with Carolyn. Close to 11 Months Old now!

Video - Trying Some Steps

Video - Early Walking

Video - Walking with Emma

Video - Walking back and forth

Video - Crawling on the Beach

  Video - First Conflict

Video - Neighborhood Hula Contest

Video - Adult Neighborhood Hula Contest

Emma's proud of herself - walking and holding things.

Bow in the hair - cute.

Reading time

Serious reading time

The Pivins

Park fun

Picking little flowers

Neighborhood barbecue

Neighborhood Hula Contest

... and Lisa joins in...

How many people can we fit in the bathroom?

Carolyn West and Emma parellel play

Mom and Em horse around

Picnic at Ecola Park


A day at Cannon Beach