The Pivin's



Emma - 5/3/04

Standing in the crib (no more mobiles); eating puffed thingies; almost crawling; loves walking; inching while walking along rails... time to put everything away, out of site and put down the tarp! Baptism coming this weekend. Daddy was gone a whole week - and my top two teeth came in.

Video - Cassie is Funny    

Video - Emma learns a new trick


Standing in the crib!


Way absorbed

Playpen time

Mommy in the mirror

Garage sale bargains #1

Garage sale bargains #2

Let's go for a walk like the big girls

Uncle Neil visits again

   Emma takes a risk with Phoebe

   OHHHHH! almost brings a tear to your eye doesn't it?  

Can Emma come out and play?

Bath graduation to level 3 



Little Sun Devil

   First swing ride

   Emma finds a tackle dummy  

Daddy's on the phone!

Just starting to see the top two teeth

Truly solid food starts

I'm almost 8 months old!