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Emma - 3/23/04 - 0.5 Year old Emma Pivin

Eating carrots, squash, rice -- visit to San Diego -- even more personality! Visits from friends too.

Video - Emma and Maddy Visit

Video - Saucer Chilling
Video - Emma Laughs at Balloons

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Emma on a bike ride

Emma meets Maddy Pennell again

Gymnast Maddy

Emma and Madeline

Carolyn West

Visit to San Diego including Zoo and Sea World - Candace came along too!

Carolyn and Emma

Emma sees an Elephant

Shamu watching

What Camels?

The Ladies

Emma meets Yousef Hoty again (they have the same birthday - born at the same hospital - parents in the same birth classes!)

Yousef likes Emma's toys

Yousef, Brhim, Carolyn