The Pivin's



Emma - 2/16/04 - 5 Months

5 Months! Learning to roll, laugh more, and eat solids... + massage class?

Video - trying hard to roll

Video - finally rolling for the first time


Video - close up smiles

Video - LAUGHING uncontrollably (new for Emma)

Emma's eating and reading now - sort of.

Passed out

Hitchcock view of Emma's first solids

What is this?

Not quite grasping the idea that food stays in.

All done - 20 scoops, 1ml actually swallowed.

Happy sitter.

Ducky always helps calm Em.

Happy bath time - most popular recurring picture

Emma's always happiest in the morning.

Post bath nirvana

Daddy's hiding behind little red riding Em

Emma and Mommy share a coat


The baby trailer

The floor studio

Rolling practice/training

Emma, Lisa, and Candace go to Massage class - I guess babies respond to this